About Us

Central Media, Inc. is a turnkey manufacturer of CDs, DVDs ,Blu-ray and provides a host of related services. its Operations adhere to the most exacting standards in the industry, including amazingly minute error tolerances. Central Media’s state-of-the-art, robotic facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California,

Every employee at Central Media plays an important, thoughtful role in the manufacture of discs. The company’s principals have a twenty years experience in electronic media extending back to the days of VHS. This experience, combined with its automated factories results in great efficiencies which are passed to the customer in the form of the most inexpensive, quality media, available today. Hence, our slogan: Central Media –“Best Quality, Best Customer Services”

Central Media both duplicates and replicates discs, the latter resulting in discs of astronomically higher quality than duplicated discs. Duplication, the familiar ‘burning’ of discs, is performed on machinery unavailable to the public and is generally applied to jobs of 500 or less, discs. Replication on the other hand, is an amazingly complicated procedure requiring specialized machinery in what is a full factory process. After the discs are replicated, they are subjected to numerous mechanical checks. Unlike the other guy –at Central Media, every single disc is also evaluated by human beings. Having passed muster, the approved discs are packaged according to customer wishes from over a thousand different options! However customers needn’t be flustered by so much choice; unlimited free telephone consultations are moments away.

Finally, we at Central Media believe our automated assembly department to be the swiftest in the industry. We’ll have your discs and packaging assembled and ready for shipping in no time.

No doubt about it - there is much wonderful - and in some cases mind-bogglingly complicated machinery at the heart of a modern disc-making operation. Fortunately with its know-how and continual commitment to its customers, Central Media makes it all work for you!


In 1997, Central Media began as a small wholesaler of standard VHS tapes. Several years later, we provide premier quality, custom-made CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc duplication/replication to our satisfied customers throughout America. With our newly refurbished location, we are able to manufacture products rapidly and efficiently, ensuring each and every customer receives quality products at the lowest prices.

Here at Central Media, we work diligently in providing satisfaction, an enjoyable experience, dependability, as well as unparalleled customer service. Our success is the due to the imperative commitment we have to recognize and respond to each of our customers’ needs.