Preparing Your Order

1. Preparing your CD/DVD/Blu-ray master:

Send us a physical disc

Make sure your master sounds/functions exactly the way you want it to before sending it to us. The finished discs you receive will be an exact match of the master you sent to us.

Email us DDPs file

Instead of mailing in your audio CD master, upload a Disc Description Protocol (DDP) file and email it to us. (DDP files offer the same audio fidelity as a disc; emailing it will just be more convenient for both the customer and us).

2. Preparing your artwork design files:

Download the template from our website, then email us your final artwork files.

If your graphics files are on a CD-R, please send it with your CD/DVD/Blu-ray master.

3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Form:

Complete the IPR Form (down load from our website) in order to confirm that you own the rights to reproduce the products you are ordering. Without a completed form, we will NOT begin your order.


We can’t begin your order unless we receive a full payment or a minimum 50% deposit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Option 1: Down load a credit card form and fill it out

Option 2: Send us a Check, Money Order or Cashier Check

If paying by this option, please include your Purchase Order form and Credit Card form (down load from our website).

Please send to:

Central Media Inc.
2220 Ringwood Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131


Orders are shipped via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Most orders ship via FedEx and will arrive within 4 - 5 business days. Orders over 2,000 pieces will ship by truck and may take 5-6 business days, depending on your location.

If it is urgent, we will ship the orders via Air Cargo service. The orders will arrive 1 - 2 days.

The number of boxes an order will be packed in depends on the package itself and the exact number being shipped. For example, our large boxes are designed to fill exactly 100 DVD cases, so an order of 1,000 DVD discs in amary case will be packaged in 10 large boxes.

Please discuss shipping details with your sales or customer service representative