DVD 10 Replication

DVD-10 is a double-sided, single-layer DVD format that nearly doubles the playtime of the DVD-5. The DVD 10 replication process utilizes 2 stampers to generate a digital mirror image of the master disc. Used in a press that takes together plastics, metals and bonding agents, this stamps an exact copy of your original master DVD disc.

Due to the fact that both sides of the disc contain content, artwork cannot be printed on the disc’s surface. Instead, text can be printed on a small band located along the disc’s center. Please see the picture for visual context.

DVD 10 Replication (bulk disc)

Qty. Unit Price Total Price
300 $1.30 $390.00
500 $0.91 $455.00
1000 $0.56 $560.00
2000 $0.49 $980.00
3000 $0.42 $1,260.00
4000 $0.41 $1,640.00
5000 $0.39 $1,950.00

Turnaround Time: 6 - 7 working days

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